The Most Energy Efficient Roofing Options

Today, the main topic of energy efficiency can be a hot one. Power prices – whether energy, fuel, or other forms – are at record highs. By increasing your energy efficiency through driving a vehicle with better MPG or building your house to be energy efficient can be a great help when it comes to paying the bills.

One of the biggest impacts on the energy efficiency of a residence will be the sort of roof that it’s installed over it. In Winnipeg, certainly the top issue is keeping the continuous heat from the home. When the warm summer air gets into your home, it can be very costly to operate the AC long enough to come back the house into a livable temperature. While building a business or home building, or having one re-roofed, picking the proper material for the roofing project could make a big difference down the line.That’s why it’s best to choose the best Winnipeg roofing company that specializes in green home technology.

Why is a ceiling energy efficient?

Generally, to get a ceiling to be energy efficient, it has to perform a great job of blocking heat out instead of absorbing it. That warmth is moved in to the atmosphere within the building radiantly whenever a top absorbs heat, and soon the complete interior has gotten warmer. A ceiling that reflects heat back out to the environment and bounces the sunshine down is going to do a much better work of protecting your home or business from heat.

Homes which have reflectivity such as white PVC TPO and Elastomeric Elastomeric Coatings are the best. Cool roofing is just about the most popular and efficient energy efficient roof for commercial properties in Manitoba.

Residential shingle manufacturers also have great roofs but are never worth and very expensive the cost. They rate the power efficiency of the homes by what’s called SRI values. You’ll possess a difficult time unless they’re a cool sequence including Owens Corning’s Period Premium Cool or GAF’s Awesome Sequence finding SRI prices on shingles. A typical misconception is the lighter the colour shingle the cooler your house will be. This is true whenever they obtain an all-white shingle for example Owens Corning Shasta White. Some other color could be the same because shingles are an asphalt-based solution. The way the great shingles function would be the granules are lined in a chemical that reflects the warmth.

Somewhat surprisingly, another material for this job can be a metal roof. The top of the steel that’s exposed to the sun is very-hot because it is sending that light all. Within the metal, however, remains fairly cool since the warmth has been reflected away. Many commercial buildings have metal roofing substrates, then your roofing company will install insulation (ISO) along with the metal with a single-ply membrane including Firestone 60mil TPO, or Duro Last PVC.

The tiles are extremely resistant to all sorts of temperature, and execute a good work of blocking out heat. The concrete tiles don’t get hot themselves, so they really don’t like a few other materials will extend the heat in to the building without as reflective as cool roofs. Another advantage to concrete tile roofing is that the tiles are often warrantied for 50 years or more, and the tiles may have additional reflective finish painted onto them for more sun-blocking power.

Asphalt shingles, among roofing located all throughout the country’s most frequent forms, is one of the least effective from an energy efficiency standpoint. Heat soaks up, and radiates it for the inside of business or the house. While shingles are generally minimal expensive roofing choice on the market, it’s far better make sure your loft is properly protected.

The Truth About Seasoned Tradelines

The 2008 we experienced the housing crisis, high levels of unemployment, and the huge Wall Street stock-market crash. On Main Street, most people could not relate to failed complex government regulatory measures, but we could relate to not being able to pay our car payment, or our home loan. For the majority of individuals, losing a job usually can be a life changing negative event. There can be some severe results of losing a job; losing your car, losing your home, negative change in overall lifestyle. Material items can be replaced in a short time period after an individual is able to find suitable employment. However, what cannot be fixed in the short term by finding work is the negative items that are recorded on a person’s credit report. Once those negative items get put on your report, it can take seven to ten years  to restore your previous credit rating. Even worse, you’re likely to encounter hardships as you attempt to repair your credit as you will have to deal with  collection agencies,  creditors, and last but not least the 3 major credit reporting agencies – Equifax, Exprerian, and TransUnion. On the bright side, Credit repair services are available to help you navigate this process if it proves to be too difficult to manage individually.

From a Main Street verses Wall Street perspective, it seems quite unjust that bad politics and business insiders can push the world’s strongest economy into the most damaging economic recession since the Great Depression, cause tens of thousands to lose their jobs, then hold them personally responsible for fixing their own credit when they weren’t the culprits causing  their credit score to drop in the first place.

If you are one of the thousands of Americans who need to boost their credit score or repair their negative credit, buying seasoned tradelines is one of the most effective strategies you can implement. A Trade line is any revolving account inside your credit report; a car loan, credit card, mortgage, computer, and even medical financing. Any item with a low balance and perfect payment history over an extended period of time is considered a seasoned trade line. In the past, this practice was used by business investors to improve their credit scores. Now these seasoned tradelines are being offered to the public by many financial institutions.

Adding seasoned trade lines to your credit report  for the purpose of gaming the credit bureaus has been subject to plenty of controversies. Although it is technically considered a legal practice, many financial gurus consider this credit repair technique unethical. Recently, a couple of cities in the United States and the FTC have frowned upon this practice and advised consumers to avoid adding tradelines although to date there are no actual laws that prohibit adding tradelines to your own credit report.There are no indications that seasoned tradelines will be banned in the future and as of now it still remains the fastest and most effective way to boost your credit score drastically in as little as 30 days.

5 Green Energy Tax Credits

You probably know that you can cut utility bills
by increasing your home’s energy efficiency. But you might not be aware that many “green home”updates can lower your taxes as well and give you huge savings.

In fact, there is a huge range of federal tax credits you can qualify for from installing new insulation to installing geothermal heat pumps . If you’ve made improvements to your home recently, or are thinking about it, check the line items of specific tax credits and be sure to include them in your tax deductions.

Green Energy Tax Credits

The following credits for energy updates to your home are available for existing homes as well as new construction through the end of 2016. If costs are associated with providing energy for recreational backyard items such spas or swimming pools , they are  ineligible for any of these tax credits.To verify your tax credit eligibility we suggest you look for  tax preparation in Arlington TX to help maximize your deductions.

1. Fuel Cell Technology

Fuel cell systems are new the housing market as a clean energy technology,. They majorly cut down on the amount of carbon dioxide your home emits, therefore lowering your home’s carbon footprint to about one-half that of a an average house.

2. Solar Energy Systems

If you live in an area with plenty of sunshine, a solar water heater  system might be a great way to lower energy costs. Buying  a solar system for your home allows you to take a credit of thirty percent of the overall expense of both the installation and purchase price.

3. Wind Turbines

If you live in an area with windy weather, a compact wind turbine is one way to create electricity for your house. You may receive the tax credit for a turbine installed at your primary home. This tax credit is worth thirty percent of the turbines parts, labor, and installation expenses.

4. Geothermal Heat Pumps

With a geothermal heat pump, any property owner can access the natural heat released by the earth’s core and utilize it for energy. The one drawback is the pump and installation can be very expensive. But you can get a tax credit for up to 30% of the cost of parts, labor, and installation as long as the heat pump meets the specifications of the Energy Star initiative.

5. Windows, Doors & Skylights

If you change out your doors, windows, or skylights with energy-efficient replacements, you may be in line to receive  a tax credit of ten percent on products that meet energy efficiency standards. For example, windows and skylights must meet or exceed Energy Star specifications. Do the cost of installation should not be included when calculating the tax credit.

Everybody benefits when you realize that helping the environment and reducing your bills can also help you save cash. When you decide to upgrade your house, go the energy-efficient method to lower energy bills and your taxes. Don’t forget to double check with the sales professional to make sure you purchase the correct equipment to qualify for these energy tax credits.


Energy Efficient Pools & Pump Conservation

You can spare valuable energy and maintain  optimal swimming pool temperatures by using a compact, high efficiency pump and by operating it less often.

In a study of 200 pools by the Green Energy Conservation at The University Of Texas-Arlington, many pool owners saved as much as 80% of their original pumping costs when they applied these energy conservation tactics.


The bigger the pump, the higher your overall pumping and maintenance expenses. Therefore, you want to use the smallest scale pump available for your swimming pool. When selecting the proper size pump, you should always take time to research a pool builders design chart. Using the chart, line up  the hydraulic characteristics of the pump to both the piping and the pool’s flow schematics. For an advanced solar heating system, you also need to consider the need to pump the pool’s water to and inside the collector.



Pool pumps often run longer than needed. Constantly circulating your pool’s water keeps the chemicals mixed and removes nasty debris. However, as long the water circulates while chemicals are present, they should typically stay mixed. It’s really not necessary to recirculate the water everyday to take out the debris, most debris can be removed using a vacuum or skimmer. Additionally, more circulation doesn’t necessarily reduce the rapid growth of algae. Alternately, using chemicals in the water and scrubbing the pool walls are considered the best practice.

Reduce your filtration time to 8 hours per day. If the water doesn’t appear clean, increase the timing  to half-hour increments until results are achieved. In the Texas study, most people who reduced pumping to less than 3 hours per day were still satisfied with the water’s overall quality. On average, this saved them 65% of their electricity bill for pumping.

You can easily install a programmed timer to handle the pump’s cycling. If debris is an issue, use a timer that can activate the pump for multiple short periods over the course of the day. Running the pump continuously for, say, 4 hours leaves the other 20 hours a day for the pool to collect debris. Short cycles are more effective keep the pool cleaner throughout the day.

Make sure to keep the intake grates free of debris.Drains that are clogged up require the pump to work harder, which expends more energy.Also make sure to backwash your filter appropriately. Backwashing too often wastes water, while not backwashing wastes valuable energy by forcing the pump to work harder.

Green Kitchen Remodels In Vail

As a general contractor at Trinity Builders here in Vail Colorado going green has been a major priority these days.There has never been more demand for eco-friendly kitchen remodeling especially since it’s cost effective and great for the environment here in Colorado.



Although environmentally friendly, or ‘green’ kitchen projects are usually perceived as more expensive remodeling projects, kitchen cabinet refacing can offer the homeowner the opportunity to cost effectively remodel or renovate their kitchen while meeting very eco-friendly environmental standards.I have come up with 4 easy options that homeowners should consider and take advantage of for their future kitchen remodel project.

Green Kitchen Option 1:  Reduce: 

By only replacing the cabinet drawers and doors and refacing the cabinet boxes, cabinet refacing uses much less wood than new cabinetry, which conserves and preserves our woodlands.There are also certain species of wood that are considered green that can be used in addition.

Green Kitchen Option 2:  Reuse:

By reusing the existing cabinet boxes as apposed to discarding them, you avoid adding hundreds of pounds of wood to garbage.  Additionally, since the original cabinet boxes are being utilized, the emission of urea-formaldehyde resins sometimes found in new plywood is avoided.

Green Kitchen Option 3:  Recycle:

Here at Trinity Builders we are  proud to work with manufacturers who are committed to recycling and going green across the board.There are many suppliers here in Colorado who exclusively use recycled material in all of their products.

Green Kitchen Option 4:  Reface:

Cabinet refacing is an excellent option for your kitchen remodel.It’s very cost effective and is very good for the environment.The process saves precious wood and reduces waste.

Contact us here at Trinity Builders if you would like more information about green options for your kitchen remodeling project.We are committed to helping you go green and enjoy the satisfaction of knowing you are doing your part to help sustain our environment.

Recycling In Construction


Construction products like plastic wall cladding have many  useful advantages, such as great looks , improved hygiene, trouble free installation, low maintenance and  custom properties. Plastic wall claddings, fascias and  soffits are extremely popular and heavily used in the majority construction industries.

However, plastic has a bad reputation in construction as a non-recyclable and environment unfriendly material.Because of this the campaign to recycle plastic and produce construction products from recycled plastic can be very important step forward for construction companies.

Wall claddings,fascias,soffits and can easily be made from recycled plastic. There are a number of other important construction products being made from recycled plastic including  water drainage, pipes and ducting,damp proof membranes, roofing materials,scaffolding planks, piling and ground stabilization, custom decking and flooring materials and premium fencing.


What are the Sources for Plastic Raw Materials?

Post-consumer and post-industrial plastic waste is a major source of recycled plastic. Quite often, this recycled plastic is blended with recycled wood to make a wood-polymer composite which is very strong and durable.

Plastic water bottles, bags and wrapping film provide valuable recyclable polyethylene, vending cups,CD cases, and food packaging yield polystyrene for recycling. Recyclable PVC is can also be obtained from windows and industrial products.

Why Use Recycled Plastic Products In Construction?

Definite business advantages can be obtained from using recycled plastic materials.

COST: Recycled plastic products are very durable and long lasting, they are very low maintenance  and do not encounter from such problems rotting and mold .Therefore, the costs over the years of recycled plastic products will be  much lower and they will be excellent value for money.

VERSATILITY AND STRENGTH:Plastic has high strength-to-weight ratio. Light products mean easier easier handling and increased functionality. Plastic is extremely versatile with a complete of construction products being made with recycled plastic. You could easily complete most projects in the form of recycled plastic construction products.

PREFERENCE IN THE MARKET: Local construction contracts are easier to win if you can show that you are using environmentally sustainable products. Even large corporations  are beginning to give preference to contractors with a reputation for using recycled products and offering higher bids on head to head projects.

ENVIRONMENTAL IMPACT: By using recycled plastic products, you are doing your part to care for the environment. This can go a very long way in generating goodwill  and positive branding that can benefit your business.

In Conclusion.

Recycling used plastic consumer and industrial products is now a reality. Plastic product manufacturers  worldwide use recycled plastic as raw material, sourcing their requirements from plastic waste such as bottles, and discarded industrial plastic products.The shift in consumer spending continues to favor environmentally sound business that feature their commitment to better the planet.